Baza invites you to the morning senior training program!

A unique hour of movement, where exercises are adapted to your spine, muscles of the pelvic floor, the correct posture and, in general, take care of a relaxed atmosphere and make sure our shirts are sweaty.

Physical exercise for the elderly is very important as it can prolong their autonomy, alleviate signs of certain chronic diseases, reduce fatigue, improve the functioning of the immune system and more!

Above all, it is important where and how this activity is carried out.

The exercise should be pleasant, professionally managed and, above all, fun, diverse, and is interesting each time.

And that is the key to moving with pleasure. Here we’re moving with the heart.

The training will be conducted by Tjaša, a professional who has over 7 years of experience with such exercises and always takes care of a positive and relaxed atmosphere. The exercises will be varied and will sometimes include games. The exercises are carried out by stations and include elements of pilates, which are important for a healthy spine.

The exercise lasts for 45 minutes, and you are invited to stay after form a chat and to get to know the group – for a better atmosphere in the future.


-Wednesday 10:00-10:45 and Friday 10:00-10:45

Price: 35€ per month (for two sessions per week)

Applications: info@bazasporta.si or 051 306 034