Physiotherapy plays a very important role in evaluating, diagnosing and treating injuries associated with muscles, bones, bonds, joints and nerves. The goal of physiotherapy is to restore and maintain function after an injury or illness and to help people increase their quality of life through physical movement. In addition to rehabilitation, it also often includes preventive treatments to improve and restore muscular and skeletal balance.

Who will be taking care of you?

Physiotherapeutic treatments are performed by Blažo Marojević (physiotherapist of the Slovenian national football team) and Erika Krampelj (physiotherapist of the Slovenian ski team).

 They help restore physical function with various techniques, provide good pre-surgical or post-operative rehabilitation for all types of trauma, pain and sports injuries. Therapies are carried out with various procedures tailored to each individual, suitable for all ages and professions – from professional and recreational athletes to people who experience any problems in their musculoskeletal system.

Physiotherapeutic treatment includes:

  • manual techniques,
  • trigger point therapy,
  • skeletal mobilization,
  • stretching,
  • soft tissue massages,
  • anti-inflammatory electrotherapy.

In addition to manual therapeutic treatment, we also include other techniques.

Therapies performed:

  • Shockwave therapy,                        
  • Tecar therapy,
  • therapy with the release of deep tissue structures-Deep Oscillation therapy,
  • interx (non-invasive interactive neurostimulation) * laser therapy,
  • therapy with ultrasound.

For faster regeneration, improvements in the nervous system and lymphatic flow we also offer:

  • sports massage,
  • relax massage,
  • Recovery pump (compression lymphatic drainage),
  • cooling with compression suitable primarily for damage – Game Ready,
  • kinesiotaping.

For additional information and reservations, please call: 041 370 043 (Blažo Marojević) or 041 906 402 (Erika Krampelj)