The preparatory sports center in Baza is intended for young perspective athletes and those who are already professionally involved in sports. An expert team of experienced trainers, physiotherapists and dietitians, personally selected by Cesar and Jokić, will help ambitious athletes start their professional career and provide professional support and guidance to professionals.

For those who are at the beginning of your sports path, we will create individualized programs that will guide you properly and gradually prepare for the efforts required by top sports. We will advise professional athletes who want to raise their physical fitness to a higher level and improve their sporting results by advising on changes in diet and the mode of exercise required to compete at the highest possible level.

A well-tuned team of experts takes care of:

  • physical preparation and trainings,
  • sports nutrition,
  • rehabilitation of injuries and prevention of sports injuries, as well as
  • psychological preparation.

Based on their own experience in the professional sports world, they help athletes achieve their goals, with the same level of professionalism, discipline and dedication as they have invested in their own sports and career success.

Igor Cesar slika



Start realizing your sports goals today!

Athletes invited to the new preparatory center, where, with the help of experts, you can begin to realize your sporting goals this autumn. For the application or any additional information you can write to info@bazasporta.si or give us a call at 051 30 60 34.