Rehabilitation exercise

When is rehabilitation exercise necessary?

Rehabilitation is a process that involves various measures and procedures that are carried out to reduce and eliminate defects, injuries and disruptions. Different practitioners work to establish the state of health to the point at which the person was before the injury/illness, or at least attempt to get as close as possible.

Therefore, rehabilitation exercise is an individually planned exercise based on the initial measurements of each individual. The goal of the exercise is to return the individual to the state he was in before the injury or illness, or even to reduce or even stop the pain in those with chronic malaise. The consequence is an increased functionality of the individual and greater ease of involvement in daily life activities.

Why come to us?

The main purpose of the exercise is to eliminate chronic pain after injury, so rehabilitation involves various procedures and methods based on reducing inflammation, pain, and maintaining functional abilities, as well as protecting the joints. We can also prevent deformation and maintain psycho-physical stability.

Together with physiotherapy, exercises for muscle strengthening are also performed, and a very important part is also the education and counseling under the auspices of an experienced trainer. Finding a personal trainer is one of the best decisions for reaching your goal in the healthiest and fastest way possible. He will advise you on a personal level (according to your wishes, injuries, illnesses etc.). He will teach you the correct exercises and follow your progress.

A certified personal trainer has the knowledge and experience to help you achieve goals. It is very important that we are aware that rehabilitation takes place both on the physical and psychological level, which is why motivation is of key importance. It is the driving force that drives us to our goal. A good personal trainer helps you at key moments and motivates you to overcome the bad days and stay focused on the goal. He has the knowledge to set you specific, measurable and achievable goals. Through training, he gets to know your body, responds to nutrition and exercise, and will guide you on your way back to your health and the condition before your injury.




Package of 10 exercises 2x week 120 €

Trainings have to be used within 45 days of purchase. Sessions begin after 5 applications are received.


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Igor Cesar

Preventive exercise

In order to reduce the risk of injuries, the use of preventive exercises is being increasingly used in sport, where players can “protect themselves” from injury to some extent. Nevertheless, preventive exercise is still not sufficiently recognized, which can be attributed mainly to ignorance and attribution of injuries to “bad luck” or fate. We perform preventive exercises to make rehabilitation training unnecessary!

Even with preventive workout, we can not prevent all injuries, but we can reduce them substantially. Of course, for positive effects, preventive exercise should be carried out regularly, at least two to three times a week, from 15 to 20 minutes. For effective preventive exercise it is also necessary to have a good knowledge of the principle of a gradual increase in the burden, and consideration of the following factors for which our trainer is specially trained:

  • Continuous collapse of balance
    • Through instability we improve motor control.
  • Choosing safe content
    • The contents must be chosen according to the competence and knowledge of the athlete. Beginners can feel comfortable with the trainer’s support which increases the sense of safety. The tools we use in preventive exercise are also reliable and regularly inspected.
  • Selecting the appropriate quantities
    • We dedicate approximately 5 to 10 minutes of active load to each joint three times a week. The best preventive exercise can be carried out during warm-up, since it is appropriate to prepare for loads in the main part of the training.
  • Localization of the exercise
    • Exercises are carried out sensibly according to our physical condition. First, we carry out exercises to stabilize the torso, and then focus on the joints that are under the most stress during exercise.

The main purpose of this exercise is to reduce the number of injuries and avoid future pain and rehabilitation training, and we can also reduce the damage that could otherwise end our career prematurely. All these and many other exercises will be conducted under the guidance of an experienced trainer with many years of experience and with all the necessary tools. Rehabilitation and preventive workouts are carried out together.