Pilates – the practice which really works!

Millions of people around the world carry out the pilates training every day and that number is steadily increasing. Why has this system of recreation become so popular and desirable?

Pilates can be performed anywhere, and since it involves the operation of multiple muscles, it is time-efficient. Exactly what a present day person expects and needs. The key advantage of the pilates method is prevention and correction of lumbar pain, which is proven to be one of the most common conditions of modern times and a common cause for doctors visits and absence from work.

PILATES, led by Tanja Pavšič, has been a tested program of training for over 80 years. It consists of a multitude of controlled movements that increase muscle strength, flexibility, coordination of movements and balance. This diversity and movement control along with various levels of difficulty allows PILATES training to be attended by both top-level athletes and complete beginners from all age groups.


The program takes place in a pleasant ambience, with appropriate music and various props.

I look forward to training with you!

Sports greetings, Tanja


-Monday        21:00-22:00

-Wednesday  20:00-21:00



-1x week 45€

-2x week 58€

Applications: info@bazasporta.si 

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Tanja Pavšič

About 10 years ago, I had severe back pain. Investigation found that I had injured vertebrae. The pain followed me for a year, I went to various massages, therapies and medical treatments, but without success, it still hurt.

According to my friend’s advice, I decided to practice pilates. Since the pain was unbearable and I found that pilates helps me, I spent 2 months exercising as many as 6 times per week. After two months of regular exercise under professional guidance, my pain almost disappeared.

I was so enthusiastic over pilates that I decided to teach the pilates technique and to transfer my knowledge and experience to other people with similar problems.

After 10 years of training, I passed a practice exam, regularly upgraded my knowledge, and this year I also got an instructor degree. I combine my professionalism with a relaxed atmosphere. The limited size of the group allows me to dedicate myself to each person individually. Maybe that’s why some people have been coming back to my workouts for over 6 years.