The Cesar-Jokić Football School is intended for children who want to make their first football moves and learn the game of football through fun and joy. The main goal of the football school Cesar-Jokić is the transfer of football knowledge in a positive and child-friendly way, through play, entertainment, and love for sports, without unnecessary pressure and excessive focus on results.

With the program we want to direct children into sports and take care of their overall psychophysical and psychosocial development. In our activities, we want to attract a wide circle of children aged 4 to 11 years.

With the Cesar – Jokić football school, we want to transfer the invaluable experiences and knowledge that our still active Slovene national team members Boštjan Cesar and Bojan Jokić have gained in their long career. The main driving force for both players was quality, hard work and a healthy lifestyle. These values can serve as an example to any young athlete in his sporting career.

We believe that, with a clearly defined path, we will offer our children even better sports and conditions than we have received ourselves. The future of football and our society as a whole lies in the hands of our youngest. Thus we believe that if children are nurturing these values in their childhood, they will live with them for the rest of their lives.

According to the age group and type of activity, the Cesar-Jokić Football School is divided into several programs:

  • A football kindergarten for children aged 4 to 7

Exercise for children enrolled in the kindergarten will take place 1x or 2x weekly for 60 minutes. The exercise will involve learning about various sports and sports requisites and the development of motor skills through play and entertainment. Each group will be led by two trainers.

Exercises go on for 10 months. There are no exercises in July and August. The fee for children enrolled in the football school is € 30 per month to attend one session per week and € 40 per month to attend a training session 2x weekly.

Please print and fill out the form for football kindergarten and send it by mail to info@bazasporta.si or ziga.staric@bazasporta.si.

  • Football school for children aged 8 to 11

In the Football School, exercise will take place twice a week for 60 minutes. At this stage, children will start with more serious football training, but the focus will still be on healthy sports culture and entertainment. Each group will be led by two trainers.

Exercise go on for 11 months. There are no training sessions from July 15 to August 15. The tuition fee for children enrolled in the football school is € 40 per month for a training session 2x weekly.

Please print and fill out the form for football school and send it to info@bazasporta.si or ziga.staric@bazasporta.si.

Practice schedule

The training will take place under professionally qualified leadership, aware of the important social role that sport represents. Through its activities, it follows the goals, principles and values of acting in the public interest in the field of sport. The football school will be held in a modern hall where security will be provided. Professional trainers will guide them with safe exercises that will motivate and encourage children to work more diligently.

We ask the parents to acquaint themselves and the children with our rules of conduct.

Children in the Football School will have the opportunity to play football matches and tournaments with children of the same age group from other football centers.

Our goal is that children after the age of 11, after they finish their activities at the Cesar-Jokić Football School, focus on football clubs where they will feel good and continue to develop their talent.

  • Holiday childcare

In addition to the football school, we will also organize a holiday childcare. Parents will have the opportunity to leave their child under the professional guidance of experienced trainers throughout the day, and trainers will take care of the children’s activity, play, entertainment and rest.

  • Summer camp

We will also organize a football summer camp every year. Children will be able to spend their days in nature, where they will learn football skills, expand their social network and gain autonomy.

Apply to football school

Applications to the Cesar-Jokić Football School are still open! For all additional information and registration please write to info@bazasporta.si or call us at the telephone number 051 30 60 34.