About Brooklyn

The spirit of sport in a top sports facility

We believe that sports has to be first about fun and love of sports, only then can it become a career. That is why all of us in Baza- the center of sports life, are returning to our beginnings, when we were just kids spending our days on the playground and playing football

Our vision is to ensure a place, where everybody can train together – from recreational athletes, young athletes to professional athletes. A place for recreation, relaxation and fun, a place where love for sports grows and positive energy of all generations flows. We want to build a unique space, which allows athletes top-notch services, a professional approach and a friendly atmosphere.

Experience in professional sports

We can better understand the needs of professional athletes, because of our rich experiences with high-level sports.

Positive sports culture

We are building a healthy attitude towards sports: first comes fun and then results.

Everything under one roof

We offer a complete professional support, from physical and psychological preparation, to sport nutrition diet, physiotherapy and rehabilitation.

All athletes welcome

We bring together athletes of all ages and ranks.

About Brooklyn