Why would you need a personal trainer?

Finding a personal trainer is one of the best decisions to reach your goal in a healthy and fastest way possible. It will advise you on a personal level (according to your wishes, injuries, illness, ..).

He will teach you the correct exercises and follow your progress. A certified personal trainer has the knowledge and experience to help you achieve goals. Motivation is crucial. It is the driving force that drives us to our goal. A good personal trainer helps you at key moments and motivates you to overcome the bad days and stay focused on the goal. He has the knowledge to set you specific, measurable and achievable goals. Through training, he gets to know your body, your responses to nutrition and training, and will guide you along the way to maximizing your health.

On our premises you can find a modern fitness center, which is available to members under the professional guidance of a personal trainer.

Fitness equipment is carefully selected and allows for a variety of exercises. For those who are at the beginning of your sporting route we will create programs that will guide you properly and gradually prepare for the efforts required by top sports. Athletes who want to raise their physical fitness to a higher level will adjust the training according to needs. For all those who are practicing recreational sports, we want to provide a successful, healthy and long-term sports recreation with supportive exercise (preventive exercise, proprioceptive workout, training for strengthening stabilizers, etc.).

Our fitness is suitable for people who want to train in a more discrete environment and thus avoid large crowds in classical fitness. In addition to personal coaching, there is a shop with a varied selection of food and sports accessories in Baza, and for regeneration we also have an ice bath and physiotherapy.


Fitnes package


Individual training 1/week 50 €
Group training 2/week 240 €
Group training 3/week 280€
Free 30 min of massage and a consultation when becoming a member


Am                                                            Pm

  • 6:00-8:00
  • 8:00-10:00
  • 10:00-12:00
  • 16:00-18:00
  • 18:00-20:00

Igor Cesar

You have just one body, don’t entrust it to just anyone!

His rich 20 year experience and constant upgrading of knowledge in the field of fitness preparation of top sportsmen allow him to adapt to the different needs of athletes, both recreational and professional. He collaborated with athletes from various sports disciplines and performed the work of the fitness trainer of the Slovene basketball team of the deaf, with medals won at European and world championships and the Olympic Games. He is an exceptional motivator, who sees it as a challenge and a joy to work with every individual who has the will and desire for change.

Training with Igor is possible individually or in a small group where it can be dedicated to every individual.

Everyone gets all the necessary information about proper nutrition, rest and training, and exercises are tailored to the individual’s wishes and goals (weight loss, physical preparation, fitness, repair of injuries, …).