Igor Cesar

Igor Cesar slika

Formerly a top basketball player, he is a graduate of the Faculty of Sport-direction sports training. He graduated with proprioceptive workout (stabilization the balance specialization), which reduces the risk of injury.
The desire to help his brother on his professional sports route led him to study at the Faculty of Sport. During his studies, he found that he could also help many others with his work. His rich 20-years of experience and constant upgrading of knowledge in the field of fitness preparation for top athletes, allows him to adapt to the different needs of athletes, both recreational and professional. He collaborated with athletes from various sports disciplines and performed the work of the fitness trainer of the Slovene basketball team of the deaf, with medals won at European and world championships and even the Olympic Games. He is an exceptional motivator, for whom working with every individual who has the will and desire for change is a challenge and a joy. How devoted and successful he is, is proven by individuals who have trained under his supervision for many years.


– preparation of a training plan, diet and individual training

– measurements, testing, consulting,

– prevention against injuries

– rehabilitation after injuries in cooperation with the recognized physiotherapist Blaž Marojević

– training individually or coaching in pairs,

– training a smaller or a larger group with a specific goal

– determining the state of preparedness of athletes

– measurements with modern technologies (tensiomyography, tensiometry …)

– fitness preparation for top athletes