The main purpose of Boot Camp is to develop and maintain mobility, strength and strengthen the cardiovascular system through fun, diverse and varied exercises. The program is adapted to various abilities and is suitable for those who, after a long absence, return to the sport as well as to anyone who wants to make a change in his general fitness.

The exercise consists of elements of gymnastics, yoga, pilates, breathing exercises… We also use various tools such as TRXs, gymnastic circles, elastics etc.


– Monday         20:00-21:00

– Thursday       19:30 -20:30

Applications:  3314dm@gmail.com


-1x week 50€

-2x week 75€


Dejan Miškovič

I have been practicing sport and training for over 15 years. I work with top sports competitors as well as with recreational players. My primary sporting activity for more than 20 years is climbing and alpinism, I also trained in judo, tennis… Sport is definitely the main part of my life and I am happy to carry it forward.