The program of the Boxing Academy for Children is intended for the age group from 8 to 12 years. Exercise is focused on various components of sports training, so children do not develop only boxing steps and strikes.

Training is also focused on gaining strength, endurance and speed. Children also perform different forms of movement, thus improving the coordination of their arms and legs.

If an individual wants to participate, boxing fights are also carried out in the group from 8 to 12 years, but they are under the constant supervision of the coach and only made to lightly touch. Thus, children learn the right techniques and control at the same time. Boxing as a sport is not only an excellent form of sports practice, the children also practice discipline, improve concentration and learn fair play.


-Tuesday 16:00-17:00

-Wednesday 16:00-17:00

Applications:  boksarska.akademija@gmail.com


-Starting boxing course 200€

-Advance boxing course 180€


*at signup all participants receive complimentary boxing gloves

The introductory boxing course lasts from September to February

The advanced boxing course lasts from February to June