We invite you to the exercise program Active Mummy, intended for all mothers who want to regenerate muscles of the pelvic floor after giving birth, activate the deep abdominal and back muscles and restore your body to the shape it was before childbirth!

Moms can participate in the exercise after a gynecological examination, 6 weeks after postpartum or later, when she feels that her body is ready for sports and activity again.

During the exercise the mum can include the child in the exercises, feed him, change his diapers, cuddle and put him to sleep.

In addition to exceptional exercises, where babies are included in the exercise itself, we also give advice, exchange experience and socialize in a really pleasant atmosphere.



-Tuesday: 9:00-9:50

-Thursday: 10:00-10:50


-1x week 45€

-2x week 65€

Applications: info@bazasporta.si

I am the oldest sister of four in our family. I recall how happy I was to take care of and play with children. I knew very early that I wanted to be a mommy. Young Mommy, and indeed … I gave birth to my first daughter at the age of 21, and the second one two years later. During my “maternity leave”, I successfully completed my studies at the Faculty of Sport, a fitness course, with a diploma entitled “Body Workout” for the first six weeks after giving birth. I’ve been physically active since my early days, along with my entire family. I am delighted that today I can conduct training, which is primarily intended for mummies, and at which they can have their own little treasures in the vicinity, which, if they are only awake, join us.


Tjaša Babnik 

I want to show how great moms are and what we can do. I believe that every thing happens with a reason, so there are no wrong situations. With my workout, I want to inspire people for exercising and movement in general!

My goals for exercising are that it is carried out with great desire and joy, that it is just hard enough to provide an individual with the challenge of being energetic, that it is also suitable for those quieter souls, that sweatshirts and muscles are tired just enough to perform safely and that the practitioners feel good in my company.