About Brooklyn

The spirit of sport in a top sports facility

We believe that sports has to be first about fun and love of sports, only then can it become a career. That is why all of us in Baza- the center of sports life, are returning to our beginnings, when we were just kids spending our days on the playground and playing football

Our vision is to ensure a place, where everybody can train together – from recreational athletes, young athletes to professional athletes. A place for recreation, relaxation and fun, a place where love for sports grows and positive energy of all generations flows. We want to build a unique space, which allows athletes top-notch services, a professional approach and a friendly atmosphere.

Experience in professional sports

We can better understand the needs of professional athletes, because of our rich experiences with high-level sports.

Positive sports culture

We are building a healthy attitude towards sports: first comes fun and then results.

Everything under one roof

We offer a complete professional support, from physical and psychological preparation, to sport nutrition diet, physiotherapy and rehabilitation.

All athletes welcome

We bring together athletes of all ages and ranks.

About Brooklyn
About Brooklyn
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About Brooklyn
Our Service

Complete service for all athletes

In sports center Baza we offer a complete top-notch service, meant for children, recreational athletes, as well as professional athletes and companies.

Football school Cesar-Jokić

Your child gains football knowledge through play, fun and love for sports without any unnecessary pressure and excessive focus on results.

Rent a sports hall

Our modern sports hall is available for sports clubs, groups and companies. We have the complete infrastructure for football, volleyball, basketball, aerobics, dancing and group exercises.

Training center for athletes

We offer professional guidance, including physical and psychological preparation, training, nutritional guidance, rehabilitation and prevention of injuries.

Our Service

Team spirit combined with expert knowledge

We believe that every part of our team, with years of experience, contributes priceless knowledge that assures you the highest quality of service.
Even after (soon to be) finished active football career, we want to stay connected to sport and create something positive for our community.
We believe in a personal approach and we take our work as we do sports- seriously, determined, persistently, with discipline and complete dedication.

Boštjan Cesar



Boštjan Cesar was a long-time captain of the Slovenian football representative team and a record holder in the number of times played for the representative team.

Bojan Jokić



Bojan Jokić is a long-time indispensable member of the Slovenian football representative team and its captain that builds his career in elite European leagues.




Saša Abrić was an active member of the Slovenian football league until he was 27. Today he is using this experience in running Baza.




Žiga Starič is connected to football since he was a child, first as a member of the youth representative team and a player in the Slovenian football league and the last 13 years as a coach.

Igor Cesar slika



Igor Cesar, a former top basketball player, is a graduate of Faculty of Sport. He graduated in proprioceptive training, which reduces the risk for injury.

Vas zanima najem dvorane?

Klubom, skupinam in podjetjem oddajamo v najem termine v bogato opremljeni športni dvorani. Na voljo je Velika športna dvorana, Mala športna dvorana in Multimedijska soba.

Malo športno dvorano in Multimedijsko sobo lahko rezervirate z nekaj kliki


Za termine Velike športne dvorane nam pošljite povpraševanje prek spodnjega obrazca